I enjoyed going back and looking through the instrumentation of our processes and being able to show the effectiveness of the implementation. https://blog.pypi.org/posts/2023-08-17-github-token-sca...
I dug into a performance-related question, and came out on top with some insights. https://www.miketheman.net/2022/10/04/reduce-aws-lambda-latencies-with-keep-alive-in-python/
I published a technical piece on Container-to-Container Communication, examining three different architectures on how processes might communicate in a given application stack. The post remained on ...
Completed a complex, two-year long systems migration for a core part of the company. Led a team of 4 engineers on consolidation of 6 systems into 1.
Participated on a Twitter Spaces about AWS Infinidash.
Spoke at AWS re:Invent on: Instrumenting Application Stack in a Dynamically Scaling Environment Session DMG212 Video (slides) (post)
Gave a talk at ChefConf, titled: Treating Your Infrastructure Like Garbage Sadly, I can't seem to find any video records of that talk, but here are the slides I used.
Wrote: Ask your systems what's going on: monitor Chef with Datadog
Wrote a post on using rapidjson in Python https://dev.to/miketheman/python-to-json-and-back-17a4
Spoke at the Amazon Container Day virtual conference on a panel with other AWS Container Heroes See full container day recording here: https://youtu.be/k01AdJC-dcA
Joined a Twitter Space chat on Cloud Engineering, and shared some of my thoughts on titles, roles, and the tensions between what a community of people may want and a company's desires.